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About us

Who We Are

Texas Fleet was started to provide customers with a Easy, and Friendly service for removing unwanted or junk cars.  We are a small local company, individually owned and operated.  We set out to provide our customers with a seamless and hassle-free service. We have over 15 years experience in the salvage car industry and 10 years experience in recycling junk cars.

Texas Fleet has a vast salvage car networking infrastructure.  We have connections with local salvage yards, local body shops and mechanics.  As well as a healthy relationship with the largest recycling yard in Texas.  This allows us to offer the HIGHEST prices for unwanted or junk cars.  Call us today to get a Fast quote and Schedule a pickup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a local Texas company we are able to offer service within 24 hours. Most pickups are handled within a few hours of calling!

Most cars will require a title. A title isn’t necessary for a vehicle older then 2002, but it is taken on a case by case basis. For vehicles without a title the following will be required at the time of pickup : Valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. Vehicles will be required to be Lien Free

It is not required in every situation, but having it can speed up the pick-up process. For junk cars without a title, it is necessary to have registration paperwork to prove vehicle ownership.

We pay CA$H on the spot!

At Autosity we have no hidden fees or expenses. The quote we give you over the phone is the same amount we will pay you CASH on the SPOT! There is no towing fees, no title transfer costs and no service fees.

Majority of the junk cars we buy are recycled within 24 hours. The vehicles are “shredded” to make it easy for recycling the base materials. There are some cases where the vehicles aren’t “junk” and the vehicles are either sold as-is or fixed up for retail sale.

Yes! We buy all kinds of cars. We will pay higher prices for vehicles with minor problems! Don’t expect junk car prices for a good car!

We buy cars in any condition even good condition cars,Recieve Your Offer!