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About Texas Fleet

Texas Fleet was founded with a commitment to provide an “EASY & FRIENDLY” service for removing unwanted or junk cars. As a small, locally owned and operated company, we prioritize delivering an effortless and trouble-free experience for our customers. With over 15 years of expertise in the salvage car industry and a decade dedicated to recycling junk cars, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Our extensive salvage car networking infrastructure includes strong connections with local salvage yards, body shops, mechanics, and the largest recycling yard in Texas. This robust network enables us to sell your cars and offer the HIGHEST prices for unwanted or junk cars. Whether you’re looking to sell your cars or get cash for junk cars in Texas City, Irving, or Dallas, we’ve got you covered. Experience top-tier service from the Best Used Car Buyers Near You in Texas when you choose Texas Fleet.

What Makes Us Different From Other Junk Car
Buyers in Texas !

We buy CARS in ANY CONDITION – Texas Fleet offers INSTANT CASH for your vehicle.

Quick Cash, Top Value

Receive immediate cash offer for your used car in Texas. We ensure top dollar for used cars, providing you with the best value for your used vehicle, making the selling process swift and rewarding.

Any Car, Any Condition

We buy cars in any condition. Whether it's a well-maintained vehicle or a damaged car, we do the best cash offer for your used car, ensuring you sell your car hassle-free experience for sellers.

Fast, Reliable, Top-Dollas

Texas Fleet guarantees a fast and easy car selling, reliable car selling in Texas, and quick cash for unwanted cars. We prioritize your convenience, offering quick quotes for your car, instant cash.

Enjoy the ease of selling with the BEST Car Buyers in Texas.

Revitalize Your Space with Texas Fleet's Quick Dallas Junk Car Removal!

Texas Fleet swiftly removes unwanted cars, offering Quick Car Sales Texas, Top Dollar for used cars, and instant Cash for Clunkers. Experience Fast and Easy Car Selling, Reliable Cash for Cars Service, and Same-Day Car Selling Texas.

24/7 Convenient Solution for Quick Junk Car Pick Up Texas!

Enjoy swift service with our 24/7 pickup! We offer around-the-clock convenience for your junk car. Call us now to schedule a pickup today, and experience free junk car removal service and quick cash for unwanted cars.

Upgrade Your Ride

Experience a trade-up! Sell your junk car and upgrade. We offer the highest cash for cars Arlington, allowing you to use that Dallas junk car removal money for a down payment on a new vehicle!

We Buy Them All

No matter the condition – running, wrecked, or rusted – we buy cars in any condition, including trucks and vans. Call us now to sell damaged cars for cash!

Get Paid for Your Car, Good or Not!

Claim Your Offer Today!

Contact us via email at info@texasfleet.com

Experience quick car sales in Texas with top dollar for used cars and fast Texas cash for clunkers. Benefit from reliable cash for cars service, free car removal in Texas, and top cash offer for your car. Use our convenient form or Text us at 817-818-6561 now.

Trucks Cars Suvs Vans Motorcycles

Running or Not.

Any Motor Vehicle. Any Condition.

Wrecked & Junk Cars Ok

Sell your car online in texas for same-day car selling in Dallas. Avail a quick quote for your car, with our Texas used auto dealers ensuring quick cash for unwanted cars. We pay cash for cars, making our Texas scrap car buyers your go-to to sell your vehicle today. 

Receive a cash offer for your used car, along with free car valuation in Texas. Experience junk car removal service with Texas cash for used vehicles, recognized as top car buyers in Dallas. 

Trust us for reliable car selling in Texas, and get paid for your old car. Sell your car hassle-free in Dallas, TX, with the fastest car sale in Texas. Opt for cash for cars in Arlington, including junk car pick up in Texas.

Sell your car online in Texas with instant cash for clunkers, and explore Texas auto trade-in for an effortless transaction.
Instant Cash for Clunkers

    All That You Need to Know About Quick Car Sales in Texas

    Ever wondered, 'Who even buys junk cars?' Well, at Texas Fleet, we do, and we pay big Texas cash for clunkers!

    We've already stuffed over millions into our customers' pockets by buying their cars for cash. If you're in Texas City, and your old car needs a new home, our Texas car buyers got you covered.

    Your time matters, so we've got this cool quick quote for your car and instant cash for clunkers to get you cash today. Skip the headache of 'Sell my car today' searches; we keep it super easy.

    Let's turn that junker into quick cash – Texas style!

    We gotta make sure you're the legit owner of your ride. Sometimes, we snag junkers without a title.

    Paperwork rules vary based on your location; some places are sticklers for titles. Confused?

    No problem. Give our pro Texas car buyers team a ring at 817-818-6561 for any questions on the paperwork needed to cash in your junk car.

    In a nutshell, we offer straightforward steps for top cash offers for your car. We'll inquire about your car's details like year, make, model, its condition, and mileage.

    Once we have the info, you'll get an instant cash offer for your used car.
    If you agree, we'll connect you with our junk car pickup Texas scheduling.

    When our tower arrives, you'll receive cash for your used car on the spot, and we'll provide a bill of sale confirming the sale.

    We handle all the paperwork, so you won't need to take any additional steps.

    We've helped over 1 million clients sell their vans, trucks, junk cars, and more for top dollars for used cars in Texas.

    Here's why selling your car to Texas Fleet is a smart choice:

    • 1.We offer the best price for your junk cars.
    • 2.We provide free junk car removal in Texas.
    • 3.Eliminate the eyesore in your backyard.
    • 4.We handle all the necessary paperwork.
    • 5.Our offers come with a 100% guarantee; no hidden fees.
    • 6.We recycle cars for a reduced environmental impact.

    When you sell your car online in Texas, several factors come into play, including the year, make, model, location, exterior condition, mileage, and local demand for parts.

    The offer is influenced by the weight and current scrap metal prices, which can fluctuate. We strive to provide the top cash offer for your car, considering these factors. If you're tired of searching for someone to take your junk car, call us at 817-818-6561 or click here for an instant cash offer for clunkers!

    Absolutely! We buy cars in any condition. Whether it's damaged, rusted, operable, or inoperable, we pay cash for cars, ensuring you get the most money and quick cash for unwanted cars in Texas.

    There's no limit to the number of junk cars you can sell for cash. If you have more than one junk car to get rid of, fill out our instant online offer form for same-day car selling Texas.

    For our driver to pick up your vehicle and complete the payment, we require the Engine/Transmission to be intact, and the vehicle should have at least three tires attached.

    If any other parts are missing, please inform us by calling 817-818-6561 or clicking here for your instant online offer for used cars. Rest assured, we'll strive to provide you with the top cash offer for your car, even if parts are missing!

    Ensure that all fees are settled in full to facilitate the junk car pickup Texas from the impound and its tow away.